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Show Results

Big East Regional Youth and Jackpot Show Results

2018 Ring 1 East

Jackpot Steer

Jackpot Heifer

Skill A Thon

Virtual Carcass - please note: due to long hair on some steers, numbers may be impacted.

2018 Ring 2 Kent

2017 Show Results

2016 Show Results

2015 Show Results

2014 Show Results

2013 Show Results

2012 Show Results

2011 Show Results

2010 Show Results

The Big East event is sponsored and supported by the New England Junior Hereford Association, New England Angus Association, New England Junior Angus Association, New England Hereford Association, Southern New England Simmental Association and Eastern States Exposition, as well as local businesses and farms that are committed to preserving agriculture in the northeast.
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