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Ruby Morris 4-H Scholarship

Amount/Awards Available: $500 x 3 recipients


Description: Each state will be responsible for its own selection process. The following two criteria are necessary for qualification of this scholarship: Potential candidates must have been a 4-H program participant at The Big E for at least one year, the year of the scholarship presentation or prior. Scholarship must be used for Two or Four Year College, Professional Training, Technical Schools, etc.

Students from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont can apply during odd-numbered years. Students from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut can apply during even-numbered years.

It is up to each state to notify their recipient, and arrange for the winner to be present on 4-H Day (the first Saturday) at The Big E. Each state shall notify the Eastern States Exposition Agriculture & Education Department of the winner’s name at least one week prior to the 4-H Day Scholarship Presentation. Winners will receive a document at the presentation certifying they have won the scholarship. It is the responsibility of the individual state to decide if the scholarship check should be written to the recipient or the educational institution.

How to Apply: To apply or request a copy of the application, please contact your State 4-H Extension Office.

Department of Agriculture & Education
Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Avenue
West Springfield, MA 01089

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