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1995 Kenneth & Earle Parsons

Hadley, Massachusetts

Their family has farmed the fertile Connecticut River Valley since before the Revolution, yet recent contributions of Parsons Farm to the world of agriculture and medical science are nothing short of revolutionary. Kenneth and Earle Parsons, who own and operate one of the most efficient, productive and economically sound farms in Massachusetts, also pioneered the careful breeding and raising of hogs and sheep for medical science.

Annually, 4,000 hogs and 1,800 sheep are produced under exacting health and breeding standards for medical use. Additionally, the farm is a dynamic showplace, which has opened its doors to college animal science classes, school children and international visitors.

Eastern States Exposition and The Fellowship of Agricultural Adventurers welcome and salute these innovative visionaries, whose work represents the best of New England agriculture and whose contributions to medicine have undoubtedly improved the quality of life for many individuals.

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