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Date: Dec 04 - Dec 18, 2020

STEAM tours provide an opportunity to share our history through the lens of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The mid-19th century was rich with change, innovation, and the start of industrialization. This tour seeks to bridge between the early days of American industrialization and the fast-paced, tech-heavy world we are in today.

Visitors will learn about innovations used in each of the unique buildings in the museum and engage in three hands-on activities throughout the tour. Activities vary by season and availability of supplies, examples of activities include making mini catapults, sun prints, kaleidoscopes, drop spindles, beewax candles, cornhusk dolls, harmonicas, sundials, and more!

This tour is targeted to ages 7-12, however all ages are welcome. Please note that STEAM Tour tickets have limited capacity due to social distancing guidelines and must be purchased by 4PM on the day prior to your visit. Please check in at the Museum Gift Shop 15 minutes before your tour time begins.


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