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Covid-19 Updates


Scheduled Events
Numerous events that have been scheduled at Eastern States Exposition have been impacted. Visit our Events Calendar to see which events are still happening on the fairgrounds.

Year-Round Event COVID-19 Guidelines

Eastern States Exposition has created an Event Safety Agreement that includes all of ESE's safety requirements for all off-season events. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience, which begins by ensuring the health and safety of our guests, promoters, exhibitors, vendors and employees. Our goal is to find the best practices across the industry and use them. We are closely monitoring Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, federal, state and local government mandates and public health advancements and will continue to make changes as necessary or appropriate to our protocols and procedures. Year-round event guidelines are subject to change without notice to ensure the safety of our guests.

Mask Mandate
Masks are no longer required at ESE for those who are fully vaccinated except under limited circumstances as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Masks will be required in the following areas regardless of vaccination status:
  • First aid stations, including office areas, and any area in which first aid is being administered.
  • Public Safety and other personnel assisting with first aid or similar emergencies.
  • On all shuttles, employee vans and other group transportation.

Future Bookings
Eastern States Exposition is open for future bookings. If you need to change the dates of an event that hasn't been accommodated by another venue or are simply looking for a date in the future, please reach out to Maureen Freniere at mfreniere@TheBigE.com.

Storrowton Village museum & TAvern

Storrowton Village Museum
Please visit www.storrowtonvillage.com or call 413-205-5051 for more information.

Storrowton Tavern
Storrowton Tavern is offering indoor dining and a special menu with curbside pick-up.
Please visit www.storrowton.com or call 413-732-4188 for more information.

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