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1996 Henry Saglio

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Henry Saglio is the founder of two worldwide businesses and with his vision, has produced and marketed a meat bird that has allowed all peoples of the world to eat better and consequently live better. He is widely considered the father of modern chicken genetics. He truly in every aspect of our definition is an Agricultural Adventurer.

Saglio founded Arbor Acres Farms, Inc. in Glastonbury, Connecticut, as a youth, and by careful genetic selection and one eye on the market, he built an organization which became the largest producer of female broiler breeding stock in the world. His efforts put him at the top of the world with up to 75% of the female broiler breeder business. After selling the business and remaining as a consultant until 1985, he and his son, Rob, bought Kennebec International, in Waterville, Maine. They renamed it Avian Farms, International, and once again began breeding grandparent stock for all the Tysons and Perdues of the world. Today, Avian sells to third world countries where there is a market for live, whole birds. They pioneered the opening of the huge market in China and are now opening the Russian states. Avian Farms ranks third in the world, in just over a decade, for the sale of grandparent broiler breeders. They sell in 67 countries and have breeding facilities in Maine, Texas, Kentucky, China, Holland, Spain, the Ukraine, Venezuela and Bangkok, Thailand.

Henry Saglio is the first living member ever elected to the USDA’s Agricultural Hall of Fame and has been given an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Beijing for his contribution in helping to feed the people of the world.
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