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Winter Storage

Automobiles Automobiles
Boats Boats
Motorcycles Motorcycles


Important Dates & Times:

Drop Offs – November 22 & 23, 7am-2pm

Additional Drop off Dates - November 29 & 30, 7am-2pm
Spring Pick Up Day – March 25, 2022, 7am- 8pm

Important Vehicle Requirements:

  1. Boats must be wrapped when stored outside
  2. Boats must be covered when stored inside
  3. Cars must be covered
  4. Batteries must be disconnected
  5. ALL vehicles must have less than 1/4 tank of gas
  6. Gas caps must be taped shut
Drop Off Procedure:

When dropping off your vehicle enter through Gate 1.

For more information please contact Derryl at (413) 205-5018 or Dbohaboy@TheBigE.com


You MUST Fill Out The Property Storage Agreement

Please download the Property Storage Agreement PDF below, enter your information and email the completed form to Dbohaboy@TheBigE.com
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