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Elena Hovagimian Shannon Named Certified Fair Executive

Elena Hovagimian Shannon, of Hampden, Mass., was recently honored with the Certified Fair Executive (CFE) designation from the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE). This international achievement is the culmination of 20 years of participation in IAFE events in relation to her position, first as Agriculture and Education coordinator and, since 2017, Agriculture and Technology manager, at Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Mass.

She has served on several committees, led numerous workshops and organized events at the IAFE’s annual convention, held in Las Vegas, since 2014. She was the Website & Technology committee chair at the 2017 convention as well as a representative and member of the Young Professionals International and Agriculture committees. She is a 2015 graduate of the IAFE’s Institute of Fair Management.

One of eight recipients in 2018, she was honored at the 2018 IAFE Management Conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“It has been a long time since I first looked at the CFE criteria/application, never dreaming of being able to put those three letters behind my name. So much has happened on the road to earning this honor, with the help of so very many special people who made it possible. My thanks go out to my family, co-workers and counterparts who all played a role in this achievement,” Shannon said.

The CFE program provides incentive for professional improvement in fair management, recognizes those who achieve the specific standards of the award, and develops professional status in the field of fair management. Certification also honors those members who have demonstrated their abilities through years of service to their fairs, fair associations, communities and the Association.

The IAFE, based in Springfield, Missouri, is a voluntary, nonprofit corporation, serving state, provincial, regional, and county agricultural fairs, shows, exhibitions, and expositions. Its associate members include state and provincial associations of fairs, non-agricultural expositions and festivals, associations, corporations, and individuals engaged in providing products and services to its members, all of whom are interested in the improvement of fairs, shows, expositions, and allied fields. For more information, visit fairsandexpos.com.

The Big E takes place Sept. 14-30, 2018. Visit TheBigE.com for more information and follow the largest fair in the East on social media.


Elena Hovagimian Shannon, ESE Agriculture and Technology manager, recently received the designation of Certified Fair Executive (CFE) at the International Association of Fairs and Expositions’ Management Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pictured with Shannon is Donna Woolam, ESE Director of Agriculture.

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